• Satisfaction is the fruit
    of Contribution.

    MPI is committed to contribution to integrity, which includes soundness of subjects and sponsors through development of pharmaceutical products, of individual employees through continued development of MPI, and of society as a public institution.

Details of our contribution

  • 1.Contribution to soundness of
    subjects and sponsors

    1. In compliance with ethical doctrines based upon Helsinki Declaration as well as GCP ordinances, MPI conducts trials in an adequate manner, and supports sponsors in successful launch of pharmaceutical products.

    2. Human right and safety of subjects are the top priority. MPI conducts any of the clinical trials in a scientifically rigorous manner.

  • 2.Contribution to soundness of

    1. Requirements from sponsors are tailor-made. Roles and responsibilities of CROs are expanding every year. MPI contributes to the growth and development of sponsors though invigoration of medical procedures and pharmaceutical industry with the top-notch services.

    2. Credibility and reliability are everything. MPI would never compromise in customers’ satisfaction.

  • 3.Contribution to soundness of
    individual employees

    1. A sound sense of morality and expertise of each of our employees mean everything to us as an important player in the pharmaceutical development. More focus is being placed on people development.

    2. Our morale boosters include allocating higher scores to employees with team spirit and high aspirations in the performance appraisal, so they will be provided with better remuneration and will be even more time / cost effective.

    3. Our ongoing efforts include improvement of the frameworks in the workplace, where our employees are taken care of from the physical and mental viewpoints, and demonstrate their talents to the brilliant level.

  • 4.Contribution to soundness of

    1. MPI is socially engaged, and is to maintain interactions with the society on a regular basis.

    2. MPI has / is to assisted people afflicted by disasters until recovery of the people and areas.

    3. No compromise is acceptable with any of the asocial forces whose inappropriate requirements are to be definitely rejected. MPI conducts no business deal with asocial forces, whether they are lawful or unlawful.

  • How we deal with sustainability

    Mediscience Planning Inc. (CPOC Co., Ltd included) has contributed to the soundness of any and all of our stakeholders through our business activities and will contribute to the soundness of the social milieux through our continuous development.
    `Soundness' is our management principle.
    As a member company of M3, Inc., Mediscience Planning Inc. (CPOC Co., Ltd included) has followed `M3 Code of Conduct' as well as `MPI Code of Conduct' so as to remain in sound business activities.
    Aiming at the sustainable social milieux, Mediscience Planning Inc. (CPOC Co., Ltd included) has established a sustainability propulsion framework to keep ourselves a `flexible' and `energetic' organisation with the goal of `sustainable' development.
    `Sustainable management' is our moving forward goal.

Where we put the importance
on sustainability (Materiality)


    1. Damages to be mitigated to our employees and business caused by natural disasters.

    MPI has safety measures to mitigate the damages to our business and employees caused by natural disasters to the least extent and let them go back to their social life as soon as possible.
    MPI has supported / will support the victims stricken by natural disasters so they can start over.

    1. Wastes to be minimised with `3Rs'

    `3Rs' (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) activity as well as `Caps of Plastic Bottles' activity have been adopted to utilise the resources proactively and minimise the wastes.

Society and Economic growth

    1. Health and welfare to all the people

    MPI has contributed to all the people in their health and welfare through the development of pharmaceuticals as well as the continuous development of MPI as a company.

    1. Each of you as a family member is required to take part in the household chores and childcare, as they are labours.

    2. Both males and females have an equal right to make any and all decisions.

    3. Females require business and economic rights equal to males.

    4. Never allow labour abuse, human trafficking and child labour.

    5. Pleasure in the job and fair compensation to all the people.

    6. Let's improve economic productivity through diverse working styles and technical innovation.

    MPI allows no discrimination due to race, religions, colours, national origins, ages, sex, disorders, or any other factor unrelated to the fair business interest.

    MPI allows no abusive or unwilling labour in any way and no child labour,

    MPI remains the sound employment and labour and complies with the rules and regulations in taking care of our employees in the countries and areas where MPI runs the business at any time.

    MPI has established a working environment where female employees have a work-life balance in a good mode and all the employees can exercise their ability to the full extent

    1. Corruption and bribery to be minimized to the least extent

    2. Never allow violence and death by violence

    3. Let's stand up together and wipe out violence, terrorism and crimes.

    In compliance with the various rules and regulations as well as codes, MPI makes every effort to run our business in a righteous, crystal-clear and free competition and fair transaction.

    With or without the rules and regulations, MPI strictly prohibits any bribery or receipt of after-hours business entertaining.

    MPI adamantly refuses any unfair requirements from any antisocial organisations and never compromises with them.

    Irrespective of whether an antisocial organisation is legal or not, MPI is never involved with any of them.

    1. Let's drive SDGs with diverse partners.

    As a member of the sustainable society, MPI remains sustainable business activities along with various stakeholders such as our employees, clients, administrative bodies, etc.
    MPI will ask our clients and medical institutions for their collaboration in sustainability activities.